Live On-Line Demos via Web Links!

New web-links to demo Inovonics Products

Posted on December 01, 2017 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We are very pleased to introduce an expanded list of Inovonics products that you can demonstrate on-line via web links.

This allows radio broadcasters to remotely access Inovonics equipment installed at our office in Felton, California. Please feel free to use this as a tool to promote the Inovonics products listed below.

AARON 655 FM/HD Re-Broadcast Receiver

AARON 650 FM Re-Broadcast Receiver

AARON 640 FM Re-Broadcast Receiver

NOVIA 272 FM Stereo Audio Processor

NOVIA 262 Stereo Audio Processor & Leveler

NOVIA 236 AM Audio Processor

INOmini 638 HD SiteStreamer

INOmini 637 AM SiteStreamer

INOmini 635 FM SiteStreamer

525N AM Modulation Monitor

531N FM Modulation Monitor

610 Internet Radio Monitor

JUSTIN 808 FM/HD Radio Time Alignment Processor